Hello & Welcome
Thank you for visiting my web site.
I live in Cumbria in the North of England.
I'm now past chairman Morton Photographic Society in Carlisle.
Because of Covid i find that i am doing more and more Zoom talks and judging.

You will find a cross section of my work in the galleries.
I find myself now doing a lot of black and white, IR & creative work these days.

By now you will have seen that i have been doing a lot of Infrared photographs.
I use a Fuji camera which i had converted to infrared and a 720nm filter fitted to the sensor this was done by Protech Infrared. (see link)

All my images are edited in Photoshop CC, Tonality Pro (B/W software) and Nik Effects in my workflow.
I have been using Fuji cameras for so time now and find them less bulky in size too carrying, plus they're more comfortable to us.

The camera's are XT-3, X100f, & a secondhand XT-1 converted to IR.
All the IR images are taken using a 8mm or 35mm lens.

Thank You & Enjoy

Last updated April 2021